Repsil Silicone RTV ShoreA30 2Kg kit

Silicone (Repsil Silicone RTV ShoreA30 2Kg kit) we bought from This set includes 1.9kg of Silicone, and 100g of Catalyst (and a mixing stick). The staff are really helpful and reply to queries really quickly. They sell their products over ebay too, if you would rather use paypal, but at slightly different prices. The overall cost for this set was £34.99 plus £7.49 postage. Larger amounts can be purchased at a reduced overall cost.

The mix is a tricky 100:5 ratio by weight, which I failed to mention at the initial workshop. The catalyst contains a dye (which requires a good shake before use) that makes the silicone goes a salmon colour. You will find yourself becoming accustomed to a correct colour that you can identify in future mixes if you don't wish to meticulously measure amounts each time.

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